Web Maintenance

When anyone thinks to make oneself live online, then the first thought in the mind is to create a website. To create their online presence, business people develop websites with a thought that it will help them to boost their business on the information superhighway.

The work is not accomplished here; a website that is developed is to be maintained on a regular basis in order to keep it updated with the search engine requirements as well as demands of the visitors. Website Maintenance refers to updating its content, images on regular basis depending on the needs.

A 5 yr old website with no latest updates in context to content, images is sure to get outdated and will have least availability in search results because fresh content in any website is preferred by search engines. Many IT companies offer web maintenance services which include all the tasks including its redesign, content updates, image alteration, changes in SEO strategy, use of new keywords and much more.

As it is advisable to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals to continue its smooth functioning in the same way web maintenance helps the website to function smoothly. All the systems used to run the website should be updated to ensure that website doesn’t get affected by any means or stop functioning.

Many times we might have noticed the message on several websites: “This website is under maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.” This type of message is seen when the website owner is updating the website with current updates so that it can function smoothly thus providing better services to the customers. Over and above this, to keep the website safe from any kind of security threats, its maintenance is required.

It’s preferable to hire any expert web maintenance company that can offer all types of web maintenance services from updating the content, image, altering them as and when needed., re- designing the site if needed, creating new pages, modification in its SEO, adding more functionalities, including back up sources, managing web servers and much more.

Web maintenance services at Magewix Technologies are on –going, reliable and cost effective. Our site maintenance services consist of updating the website content, images, re-designing the site if required, make changes as per the search engine rules, proper functioning of live chat whether the visitor is able to use chat option properly or not.

In addition to this, all the platforms, plug ins used to run the website are also checked and updated. To update websites on regular basis, we offer maintenance contracts that are cost effective. These contracts can be half yearly, yearly or may be more as requested. Our maintenance contracts include website reporting, website updates, blog updates, website SEO, website hosting, back up when needed.