Vision & Value

Our vision is to see the exchange of goods via ecommerce enhanced with facilities that support a healthy balance of profit, the well-being of people and care for the planet.

This we see as bringing a renewed focus on a user experience that supports informed choices that are aligned with real needs, reflects a richer presentation of a product’s true value and cost (not just it’s monetary cost and performance when new) and links in with the human stories associated with it… the design, production, use and may be previous use stories. As such we see this vision being worked out within the context of moving towards a more just and sustainable economy.

Approach and Values

Our approach is to work with our clients in the ‘transition’ opportunities to be found amongst their current ecommerce activities and to build in the following values where appropriate to the nature of the work:

  • Maximising genuine customer well-being for the full life of the product and the avoidance of disappointment through a flawed sales process.
  • Bring out in the on-line promotion, choosing and buying process the human stories behind a products design, production, use and re-use.
  • Merchants are empowered to be ‘expert ministrators’ rather than just sellers, as befits their investment and experience in getting to know products and their customers. As such they are empowered to better know and match customer needs with appropriate products, new and used, without an impractical extra amount of work being involved.
  • The broadening and en-richening of supplier and user communities relationships through shared stories that accompany the product and it’s promotion and subsequent use.
  • The true value of goods is broadened and celebrated – longevity, refurbishment potential, its benefit to it’s manufacturers and supply chain, its development story, its carbon footprint, its cost of ownership over time, its potential for passing on to new uses.
  • The practical stewarding of products, not as disposable but in the full awareness of and application of optimising it’s full-live potential as a valued resource, including options for re-sale, refurbishment, re-cycling, free of charge exchange or if absolutely necessary, responsible disposable,

Our initial technology base is the Magento Community Edition Open Source ecommerce platform.

Our satisfaction comes from supplying and developing such facilities, alongside good ‘standard’ ecommerce facilities which are genuinely useful and as hassle free as possible to our clients… and enable them to make a decent profit in the process.