Meet The Team

Meet the team

Our team are the best in their field

We are always pushing the boundaries in premium service and to deliver perfection to each of our clients.

We all bring passion to every project and are all very excited to overcome any new challenges that you bring. Helping each other to give you, the client, exactly what you want and also pushing you to become the very best in your sector.

As a wise man once said, a team is like a cake; without every ingredient, it won’t rise. – The Egg

  • Bhavesh Asodariya

    Bhavesh Asodariya

    Managing Director

  • Vikas Dobariya

    Vikas Dobariya

    Sr. Web Developer

  • Prayag Pal

    Prayag Pal

    Sr. Frontend Developer

  • Tanmay Khambhayata

    Tanmay Khambhayata

    Angular Developer

  • Komal Thumarr

    Komal Thumar

    Laravel Developer

  • Fateh Momin

    Momin F.A.

    WordPress Developer

  • Kartik Amipara

    Magento Developer

  • Brijen Kharawala

    Brijen Kharawala

    Shopify Developer

  • Yogendra Chauhan

    Yogendra Chauhan

    Sr. Web Designer

  • Turab Parasara

    Turab Parasara

    Jr. Web Developer

  • Omprakash Nagar

    Jr. Web Developer