API Integration


Social Networking API

With the rising trends of social networking, more businesses are turning to social direction. Recent statistics show that these businesses are getting profit because of these great new marketing tools and techniques.

Social Networking APIs help to connect commands, tools and functions to render data from one social network to the other in order to save time and reduce cost. It also boosts your business’s reach to a wider platform. Any information shared on social networking sites gets more and in turn you get high response from the users while spreading the word. We use following APIs with any social


Payment API

With the boom of e-commerce websites and compressed time of today’s world, customers are turning more to online shopping. This has created more demand of secured, easy to navigate and simple Payment APIs.

Payment API in other words, is a payment gateway that authorizes payments for online retailers, e-businesses etc. Payment APIs act as a virtual point of sale and protects card information by encrypting sensitive information for secured transaction between the card holders and portal-merchants.


Shipping API

Shipping plays a very important role for several web portals and online stores.
For automated logistics, it’s crucial to integrate scalable and intuitive Shipping
API directly into websites or enterprise system. This, in return improves customer service with integrated UPS services and capabilities as well as, better business profit with enhanced processes.

Shipping APIs reduce overall costs with greater efficiencies in the mail room and apply better control on shipping activities. This API also streamlines the shipping of business without expensive addition of hardware or software. Besides, it gives more flexibility by allowing programmers to integrate shipping functionalities directly into the business systems or e-commerce websites.



With the invention of mobile phones, the world went into a frenzy with text messages or SMS and what not! In this era of mobility, to get business you need to remain in constant touch with your end-users. SMS API allows just that and much more.

SMS APIs allow computers to send and receive transmitted SMS from a
telecommunication network provider. Create applications that can send as well
as, receive SMS by using just phone numbers and short codes. Say hello to your friends, inform customers about delivered goods/services or alert employees
about their shifts, this API allows users to communicate or chat easily.


Phone Verification API

To reduce the growing trend of online fraudulent activities, phone verification plays an important role. Thus, phone verification helps to confirm businesses that their customers are real people and not spambots. Phone verification also increases trust in an online market and mitigates fraudulent transactions and charge backs.


Authentication API

Authentication APIs are of two kinds – OAuth and API Key access. Developers
use OAuth for security reasons and API Key access for in-house applications.
Authentication over HTTPS helps to attest apps. Here, the App ID becomes the
username and password is the active API key for the applications. Both of them
can be found on the API Keys page which are accessible through API Keys menu.